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  • Color Picking Resource Guide

    Everything in one place to inspire YOUR house paint color ideas!

    In the St. Louis Area, everyone chooses colors in their own way. Here we've assembled all the information you need to navigate your own path. Whether you already have firm color ideas, need inspiration from examples and palettes, want to work with a professional color consultant, or simply desire house painting color tips, CertaPro Painters of Madison County, IL, Webster Groves & Florissant, MO's color resources make the color selection process simple and stress free.

    Discover House Painting Color Ideas

    3 cool tools & our Envision Magazine Online provide thousands of ideas!

    Sherwin Williams' Color Visualizer
    Drag-and-drop Sherwin Williams colors onto a photo of your interior space or the exterior of your home!

    ColorSnap App for your Mobile Device
    Found a color you like on a piece of fabric or somewhere in nature? This app allows you to find that specific color in the Sherwin Williams color deck!

    Benjamin Moore's Personal Color Viewer
    Play with different color combinations on pre-loaded room images using Ben Moore's award winning color palette!

    Envision Magazine Online!

    Taste a Sample of Great Color Palettes 

    4 palettes to give you inspiration!

    The four palettes below, from Sherwin Williams, are just a sample of what is available. We work with all the major vendors, each with their own extensive palette, and we can also match any existing color you may have!

    CertaPro Painters Palette:

    CertaPro's Color Palette

    Fashion Palette:

    Classic Palette:


    Classic Palette from CertaPro Painters

    Fad Palette:


    Current trends colors from CertaPro Painters


    Work With Our Color Consultant

    One-on-One professional help for fail-safe color choices! 

    Our color consultant uses color psychology, current trends, and your own vision to create a specific palette for your painting project, and we offer this premium service to all of our customers. Ready to get started?

    Do It Yourself - Online Resources

    9 sites that provide GREAT color advice!

    “Color Dos & Dont's”

    Starting with the color wheel, the author of this article moves on to consider a wide range of other variables - the psychology of color, the views of today's interior designers, and how to think about color in for specific spaces.

    Southern Living
    "Choosing Exterior Paint Colors"

    This professional discussion of the basics of exterior color selection packs a lot of useful information into a few short minutes. But the best part are the tabs across the top that take you to discussions and tips on how to use specific colors.

    DIY Network
    “How to Select the Right Paint and Color for Your Home”

    This is a great primer about paint types and sheens, and goes on to discuss ways to create various subtle to vibrant effects. 

    SF Gate
    “How to Choose Paint Colors for Decorating a House”

    Many color professionals suggest choosing an anchor piece and building the room's palette around that piece, be it a piece or art or furniture, or a carpet. This article also explains tips about how to paint a home in preparation for sale, like using light colors to make it seem bigger or white to help customers imagine the space with their own belongings.

    Hooked on Houses
    “How to Pick Paint Colors”

    This article covers a number of important color selection topics. It reminds us that paint chips use ink rather than the actual paint, which may differ slightly in color from what you are about to put on your walls and trim. And it explains why low-VOC paints are now ready for prime time, providing advantages for human health and the planet's health over more noxious alternatives. Architecture
    “Pick Paint Colors For Your House”

    Your home is part of a neighborhood and has a specific architectural style that should be considered when choosing colors. This article offers many brief but useful pieces of advice on making these consideration part of your color selection process.

    This Old House
    “Choose Paint Colors With a Color Wheel”

    Remember the color wheel from grade school art class? Reviewing how it is structured and the basics of how it can be used in choosing house paint colors is the focus of this article. It also includes examples of how complementary colors bring a house alive!

    Bob Vila
    “How To: Select a Paint Color”

    Bob is as pragmatic as always, believing your personality is the starting point and will be reflected in the palette you eventually choose for your painting project. But at the same time, he is conservative in his recommendations and may be a voice of reason if you are considering a more dramatic departure from your existing color scheme.

    House Beautiful
    “Color Ideas”

    This is a great slideshow of inspiring and colorful palette ideas. One of the best parts is a discussion about which are "the hardest colors to get right" and why. This is a fun site that you will enjoy using as part of your color selection journey.

    Interior & Exterior Paint Color Tips

    Intuitive concepts to keep in mind while you choose a palette for your painting project.

    Exterior Tips:

    • Look for interesting architectural details, or add some, that can sparkle with a contrasting or accent color.
    • Drive through various neighborhoods, established and new, to see color in action. Make note of appealing exterior paint color schemes and adaptability to your own home.
    • Define the entry. Use exterior paint color as a "Welcome" sign to your home.
    • Windows are the eyes of a home — they can add or even define the character of a home. Decorating them lends crispness to the color scheme.
    • Consider the exterior colors that cannot change like roofing shingles, brick, slate or stone. Choose colors that incorporate or complement these tones.
    • Balance is important between light and deep colors, as well as warm and cool colors; consider not just the exterior paint color scheme, but all the elements that make up the surroundings.

    Interior Tips:

    • Determine the mood you want to create with the room. Warmer tones are friendly and inviding. Cooler tones create calm and relaxing spaces.
    • Keeping the trim all one color provides continuity as you move from room to room. Stark white in a semi- or full-gloss creates a very formal look. 
    • If you want your furniture, carpets, and artwork to be the focal points of the room, stay away from bold paint color choices which will compete with the furnishings for attention. Choose a wall color from a piece or two that will tie the elements together.
    • Darker colors make rooms seem smaller, so be especially careful selecting these if the room does not have a lot of natural light or the ceilings are low.
    • Adding a slightly lighter tint of the color you choose for the walls to the ceiling creates an intimate environment. This is often appropriate for dining rooms and master bedrooms.
    • Think about 'flow' and how the colors of neighboring rooms will work together. Very dark to very light transitions, or transitions from rooms with highly contrasting colors can either be jarring or invigorating.
    • Wet rooms (kitchens, baths, and laundry rooms), as well as hallways, benefit from having scrubable paints applied. While these can now be purchased in flat finishes, the satin and egg-shell finishes are better at resisting the absorption of moisture cooking and cleaning, as well as resisteing oils and dirt from fingers.

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